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As the biggest archipelago state in the world, Indonesia has a great deal of beautiful dive spots. Our ocean has the world’s best sea life due to its supreme marine diversity. According to Dive Magazine, Indonesia has won the no.1 world’s best diving destinations in 2017 exceeding the other popular diving countries like Philippines, Australia, and the Maldives (source:

Many diving advisors agree that ‘diving in Indonesia will suit every diver’s hopes and desires; the marine variety has over 3000 different species of fish. Compare that with 1500 on the Great Barrier Reef and just 600 in the Red Sea, Indonesia has amazing array of diversity and rich teeming reef life just waiting to be discovered’ (source: To experience the best of your diving trip, kindly remember that the Oceanic Sunfish/ Mola Mola Seasons starts from July to October and Manta Rays are seen all year round in Bali.

Scuba diving in Nusa Penida can be a challenging experience since it is an advanced dive site, the island is famous for the exhilarating drift dives and extreme weather changes. Divers may experience choppy water and strong underwater currents. Therefore it is necessary to have an experienced and professional dive guide to ensure the most enjoyable and safest dive possible.

You don’t need to have a diving certificate to enjoy this program. We will teach you how to use the diving equipment, how to operate them, and how to communicate underwater.

At your sea arrival, we will teach you how to breathe underwater until you feel comfortable while  descending. Slowly we will submerge in depth using a rope under the supervision of the Dive Instructor and soon you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking underwater view of Nusa Penida.

To ensure your safety and pleasure, our Instructor will guide 2 guests. Our maximum depth dive is 10 meter, and dive time is 40 minutes.

We conduct our diving course according to the SSI standard teaching program which prioritize comfort and safety diving. The course consists of 3 different programs such as:

1. Open Water SSI.

The first step to your diving certification is the Open Water, with the programs as below:

1.1       Classroom session:

6 sections of video presentation/ e-learning sessions

Students are required to finished the final quiz and/or to complete the final exam.

1.2       Observations skill (may be conducted in pool or open sea):

Students are required to fulfilled 4 confined water dives in order to attain the proper skills of open water diving.

1.3       Fun dives

After your confined water dives, you will dive underwater doing all the skills that you learn in classroom and pool.

Course duration:         3 days.

Schedule can be arranged upon request, please kindly advise our Instructor.

2. SSI Advanced Adventurer.

To complete your Open Water Certification, the advance adventurer program provides you  an introduction into 5 different SSI specialty program. As advised by your Instructor, students will learn various specialty skills for example: Deep Diving, Perfect Buoyancy, Night Diving, Navigation, or Boat Diving.

Course duration: 3 days, 5 dives required.


3. SSI Advanced Open Water

Cultivate your scuba diving skills by taking our SSI Advanced Open Water in Nusa Penida is highly recommended due to its advanced dive site and challenging weather conditions.

In order to receive an advanced open water diver rating, students are required to successfully complete any 4 specialty programs and have at least 24 dive logs. Furthermore, the advanced open water training allow you to learn how to be more responsible of your self and enhance your necessary diving skills so you can explore more the beauty of the ocean.

Course Duration: 1 day for one specialty.

If you feel that diving is too challenging, perhaps you should try our favorite activity in this island: snorkeling. The colorful underwater world are visible through the crystal clear waters while seeing the beauty of coral reefs. Feeding the fish and swim with manta rays can also be done only with snorkeling.

Not only for the underwater beauty, the island is also famous for its splendid view. Offering more than 10 magnificent places for sightseeing like: Crystal Bay, Angel’s Billabong, Broken beach, Guyangan waterfall, Tembelling, Atuh beach, and many more.

Enjoy the fascinating sunset/sunrise or feeling the warmth of the sand will be an unforgettable moment in Nusa Penida. If you wish to experience something more spiritual, visit the Goa Giri Putri which is famous as the most sacred temple in the island. Our vast island explorer trip is available everyday, so please contact us for more inquiries. It is our pleasure to serve you!

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